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Town hall Summary Reports:

1988A Symposium on Economic Development

1989Pinal County Futures: Tomorrow's Vision - Today's Plan

1990Horizon 2000: Strategies For Action

1991An Inside Look at Pinal County Government: Taxes vs. Services - A Delicate Balance

1992The Year For Action: Implementing a County Government: Taxes vs. Services - A Delicate Balance

1993The Changing Workplace: Education's Challenge

1994Today's Crisis: Confronting Juvenile Crime In Our Communities

1995Pinal Tomorrow: Building Healthier Communities

1996Volunteers in Service to Communities: People Making A Difference

1997Environment and Growth: The Delicate Balance

1998Aging of the Population: A Public and Private Challenge

1999Pinal's Commitment to the Future: Meeting the Needs of Our Youth

2000Charting Our Future

2001Intellectual Captital - Tomorrow's Dividend

2002A Call to Serve: Being Vigilant, Being Normal

2003Rural Health Care: Today's Challenge

2004The Changing Face of Pinal County

2005The Economic Puzzle, How to Put it Together

2006Safe at Home: Residential

2007Rediscovering our Neighborhoods

2008The Greening of Pinal County: Conserving for Future Generations

2009GangBusters: It Takes a Community

2010Exploiting Technology for Success: Building Connections Using Social Media

2011Partners in Economic Progress

2012Workforce NextGen: Cultivating Success in Pinal County

2013Step Up, Involve, Connect: Uniting Communities through Volunteerism

2014Economics Of A Healthy Community

2015Where Your Tax $ Goes!

2016Linking Transportation: Paving the Way to Economic Growth

2017Pinal County’s Workforce Puzzle…Preparing Today’s Communities for Tomorrow’s Opportunities

2018Let’s Be Civil – Promoting Positive Communication

2019Connecting Communities – Pinal County’s Future (coming October 24, 2019)